The ‘Westworld’ Season Three Trailer Has Nazis, Aaron Paul And Even More Robots

Two seasons into Westworld and it seems like we know less than we did at the start of the futuristic HBO drama. It’s got robots and used to have wild west gunfights and a lot of intrigue, but now it’s unclear what’s happening a lot of the time with Dolores and the rest of the crew, which officially appear to be in the Real World, not the one controlled by a fake mesa.

San Diego Comic-Con brought us the first trailer for Season 3 of the HBO show, and there’s certainly a lot going on. Dolores narrates it and appears to be out in the real world, with a robotic Charlotte Hale pointing guns and checking out riot robots and whatnot. Dolores, meanwhile, still has those spheres and is ever-paranoid.

“We have to be smarter than them, or they will find us,” she says. “And they will kill us.”

There’s a lot going on here, including a newly brought back Bernard, who is wearing suspenders and appears to be farming?

HBO on YouTube

There are plenty of robots, including Aaron Paul’s robot friend we’ve already met, but a new development appears to be Nazis, specifically when it comes to Maeve.

HBO on YouTube

HBO on YouTube

The trailer features Vera Lynn’s “We’ll Meet Again,” which certainly fits all the dying-and-coming-back-as-robots-kind-of and also, presumably, the World War II timeline/world that Maeve appears to be in. She kisses someone and also fights someone else while wearing the same outfit, so expect that to take up a decent chunk of the season.

Whether it all will make a whole lot more sense than Season Two? Well, that’s certainly tough to say. Producers say it will be clearer what’s actually happening this time around. But there’s a lot to clear up and it’s tough to expect anything different, especially when the trailer features the usual Westworld double-speak we’ve come to know and love.

“I thought your world would be different than mine,” Dolores says later, as the camera pans to someone’s bloody wrist, heavily implied to have been searched for a robot uplink dongle. “There’s no difference at all, is there?”

Perhaps it’s more of the same, but it’s coming nonetheless.