The ‘Wonder Woman’ Character Posters Frame Diana Between The Two Most Important Women In Her Life

05.23.17 11 months ago

DC Films

Back in April, I was curious where the character posters for the Amazons were ahead of Wonder Woman arriving in theaters. Diana isn’t the only woman on Themyscira. She was raised by a vibrant community of warriors and scholars, many of whom appear in the upcoming film. Connie Nielsen is taking on the role of Diana’s mother, Queen Hippolyta, and Robin Wright plays Wonder Woman’s aunt, General Antiope. Other Amazons include Doutzen Kroes as Venelia, Eleanor Matsuura as Epione, and Mayling Ng as Orana. Former HitFix correspondent Jill Pantozzi listed them all months ago.

Now Warner Bros. is finally introducing (some) of Diana’s family to audiences. IMAX debuted three new character posters on their Twitter account today. One for Diana, one for Hippolyta, and one for Antiope. Put them all together and you get a banner that tells a visual story about the complex relationship Wonder Woman has with both her mother and aunt.

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