Gal Gadot Premieres The Final ‘Wonder Woman’ Trailer At The MTV Awards

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05.07.17 9 Comments

While Warner Bros. hasn’t been putting as many resources Wonder Woman‘s impending release as much as the studio has for its other DC Universe films, but that doesn’t mean the trailers and marketing efforts that do exist haven’t been loads of fun. There’s been trailers that focus on the horrors of war, Diana’s background as an Amazon warrior, and the lighter side of both the character and the movie. Which is one of the biggest problems that the DC Universe struggled with in the iffy Suicide Squad and other early DCU efforts.

Based on the trailers that have premiered already, fans could not be more excited for Wonder Woman’s first jaunt on the big screen and the latest (and final) trailer goes a long way towards cementing that feeling. Diana’s heroic ways are gorgeously crafted to pop on the big screen and the artistry and excitement packed into each trailer is something that was sorely missing from the other DC Universe films. Gal Gadot premiered the new trailer herself at the MTV Awards and watching it isn’t enough to slake the desire for the movie to be released like, yesterday, but it certainly helps.

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