The Success Of ‘Wonder Woman’ Has Reportedly Guaranteed We’ll Be Seeing Gal Gadot Pop Up In Other DC Comics Films

Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman is far from a disaster from Warner Bros, making those reports from before its release seem a little suspect at this point. That said, the rest of the DC Comics slate was limping behind its competition at the box office despite a fairly warm fan reception, but has now found a bonafide hit with Wonder Woman. It’s so successful, Warner is looking to push the film and Jenkins for Oscars consideration. This might be a bit more than anybody expects, but it just shows that the studio is excited to have something they can build on.

That might not be nice to Man Of Steel or Suicide Squad, but it’s hard to balance both critical praise and an $ 800 million box office haul. That’s why it should be no surprise that talk of Wonder Woman popping up in other DCEU films is the hot rumor at the moment. According to Forbes, with Wonder Woman II confirmed for 2019, the chances of seeing Wonder Woman on screen at least once per year is fairly high:

“(Gal) Gadot is expected to reprise her role as Wonder Woman in the upcoming production of Flashpoint, which will be Flash’s solo movie but is also more of another superhero team-up featuring several additional DC superheroes… it means Wonder Woman could potentially appear in as many different films as Batman over the course of the next few years in the DCEU.”

The details about Flashpoint are light at the moment, but if it is even slightly related to the crossover event that spawned the name, a Wonder Woman cameo is the least we could expect. As Marvel showed with Captain America: Civil War, creating a team film with the focus on one character is possible and might even help it become more successful. At the end of the day, Flashpoint is definitely a Flash story and having Wonder Woman around would be good luck. As SyFy wire puts it, it would turn Gal Gadot into the Robert Downey Jr. of the DCEU.

Of course this doesn’t mean we’re not going to see Batman and Superman in more films, so the gap between DC’s Trinity of heroes could grow quite a bit. The real question at this point is who will end up playing the TV version of Wonder Woman in the coming years? It is inevitable that she’ll show up on Supergirl or The Flash.

(Via SyFy Wire / Forbes)