The Latest Trailer For ‘Wonder Woman’ Is Here To Save The World From Itself

Entertainment Writer
03.11.17 3 Comments

Warner Bros. teased a new Wonder Woman for Saturday, making fans check in throughout the day for the possible release. Well, finally it has arrived, but was it worth the wait? It would seem so. Not only do we get a good look at Themyscria and the life Diana has there, but we see what draws her away with her sword and shield in hand.

Chris Pine seems to be in full Captain Kirk mode here as Steve Trevor, while Gal Gadot is definitely a Wonder Woman that is just learning about the world outside of her island paradise. There’s also Danny Huston as General Erich Ludendorff and Robin Wright as General Antiope, taking the brunt of that blast from Diana’s bracelets. We know Ares is likely the main villain in the film, possibly in disguise, but we still haven’t gotten a picture of him yet in any of the trailers. He could be Huston, he could be David Thewlis as Sir Patrick, or he could be someone we haven’t seen up to this point. He will definitely be imposing once that revelation comes according to Slash Film, so it’s something to look forward to as we inch closer to June 2nd.

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