Beabadoobee Divulges Her Inner Flaws In The Revelatory ’10:36′ Live Video

It is commonly said that someone having a messy bedroom is indicative of how their life is going. Beabadoobee, in the new live video for “10:36,” shows that one can reveal a lot about himself or herself through other parts of the house.

The “Talk” singer invites viewers into a living room large enough to fit an entire band, but one that is also far less than tidy. There are spilled drinks, dropped papers, and loose clothing scattered amongst the space as the 22-year-old addresses her co-dependence being independent of any love she feels for the man she’s speaking to. The Fake It Flowers artist even acknowledges she did not expect him to fall in love with her, because to her he is just the warm body she needs to sleep at night.

This intimate performance of “10:36” follows “Lovesong,” “See You Soon,” and “Talk,” one of which was released each month prior to June starting in March. All four of those tracks are set to appear on Beabadoobee’s upcoming second studio album Beatopia, arriving on July 15. The 14-track album includes “Tinkerbell Is Overrated” featuring Pink Pantheress, “Picture Of Us,” “Beatopia Cultsong,” and “You’re Here That’s The Thing.”

Check out Beabadoobee’s live video for “10:36” above.