Big Thief Wants To Squeeze More Out Of Their Soundchecks By Giving Students A Really Neat Educational Opportunity

At the end of the month, Big Thief is launching a North American tour. While they’re on the road, Adrianne Lenker, Buck Meek, and the rest want to take some time to offer a pretty neat experience for some students.

In a message shared today (January 5), the group explained that while they’re on tour, they want to use their soundchecks as a chance for teachers to bring students in and discuss “creativity, music, playing shows, songwriting or whatever.” The letter reads:

“Dearest educators and students

Big Thief is looking to bring an educational component to the touring process by offering open invitations for teachers to bring their students to our soundchecks on the upcoming 2023 US tour. Our hope is that students would be able to come see the soundcheck and ask questions and share in a discussion about creativity, music, playing shows, songwriting or whatever!

Teachers–we would love to hear if you are interested in participating and how we can organize this so that it is of most benefit to your students. If you are interested in bringing your class to a soundcheck, and/or have any ideas that you think would help us get the ball rolling and make this experience as accessible and organized as possible, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at this email address: bigthiefsoundcheck at gmail

Let’s chat and hopefully see some of you at soundcheck. [heart emoji] Big Thief”

The message doesn’t specify what sort of students they’re looking to host, so presumably, teachers of learners from elementary school to college could inquire.

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