Coldplay’s ‘Trouble In Town’ Video Is Set In A Dystopian World Filled With Humanoid Animals

Coldplay certainly isn’t phoning it in when it comes to the videos for songs from their new album, Everyday Life. Their most recent visual, “Champion Of The World,” was a creative one, which saw Chris Martin literally become a kid again. Today, they’ve premiered a new video for “Trouble In Town,” and it’s set in a dystopian future where instead of people, there are humanoid animals running the show.

The video, which is inspired by George Orwell’s Animal Farm, takes place in a gritty city at night, and features pig politicians, a leopard cop, foxes hustling in the street, and more characters cast from the animal kingdom. The clip mirrors Chris Martin’s lyrics about a corrupt world: “And I get no shelter / And I get no peace / And I just get more police / And I get no comfort / And I get no name / Everything is getting strange.”

All proceeds from the song and the video will go to benefit the Innocence Project, which works to overturn wrongful convictions in the US, and ACFS, a charity for vulnerable children in South Africa.

Watch the “Trouble In Town” video above.

Everyday Life is out now via Parlophone. Get it here.

Coldplay is a Warner Music artist. .