Hans Zimmer, The Composer Behind ‘The Lion King’ And ‘Inception,’ Names A Surprising Choice For The Best Score Of His Career

At the 94th Annual Academy Awards ceremony this past March, composer Hans Zimmer received his second ever Oscar in the Best Original Score category for his work on Dune. The first time he won the award was back in 1994 for The Lion King, he’s received twelve Academy Award nominations overall, and Zimmer is generally considered to be among the greatest film score composers of all time. He’s composed iconic scores for films like Gladiator, The Dark Knight, The Last Samurai, The Da Vinci Code, Blade Runner 2049, Inception, and so many more.

Yet, Zimmer has always been coy when naming what he considers to be his masterwork. Now in a video posted to his TikTok account, he finally spilled the beans on his choice for the best film score of his career.

“People always ask me what’s my favorite score and I keep avoiding answering the question,” Zimmer began. “And how about I don’t avoid it this time? I’m going to tell you that the first, the favorite score that I’ve ever written, I think, is Interstellar.”

His work on Interstellar was indeed among his twelve Oscar nominations, but it definitely came as a surprise pick. It represents one of the many times that Zimmer has worked with director Christopher Nolan and it certainly won’t be the last. That raised an interesting point for Zimmer: After delivering his answer, in a moment of inspiration of sorts, the man behind well over a hundred film scores added a postscript to his response with a big smile: “Or, I haven’t written my favorite score yet. So, maybe that’s the better answer.”


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