Indiecast Discusses The Dare And The Dubiousness Of Indie Sleaze

This week’s episode begins with Ian telling Steven about his recent experience seeing The Cure in concert. Turns out they are playing a lot of new songs live, and they sound a lot like Disintegration. Steven reveals that Jason Isbell said something similar about his experience seeing The Cure in New Orleans. All of this makes Steven excited about seeing The Cure next month.

Next, they address the most hyped release in the indie world of late, The Sex EP by NYC throwback dance-punk act The Dare. A lot of people are talking about this four-song release, and a lot of that talk is negative. But for Steven, what’s interesting is that a collection of dumb tunes about sex and drugs is being treated as a novelty, when “dumb songs about sex and drugs” sum up a lot of popular music from the past 50 years, from rock to rap to country to basically every other genre. Is there a reaction brewing to the Trump/Covid era of music?

From there, Steven and Ian have a wider conversation about indie sleaze and whether it’s a real phenomenon or a trumped-up fantasy by shadowy “Brooklyn-based trend forecasters.” Speaking of fantasies, the guys also addressed reunion rumors surrounding two very different bands: Oasis and Modern Baseball.

In Recommendation Corner, Ian talks about two electronic acts, Blawan and Overmono, while Steven brings up the catchy French indie pop En Attendant Ana.

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