Kevin Morby’s ‘Oh My God’ Short Film Is ‘Half Documentary And Half Dreamscape’

Kevin Morby has shared some creative and aesthetically interesting videos in support of his album Oh My God, the most recent one being for “OMG Rock And Roll.” It turns out these clips were just the start, because now Morby has shared an Oh My God short film.

The film was directed by Christopher Good, who also directed the album’s videos. Morby shared a statement about the film, writing:

“After I had chosen to work with director Chris Good for all three of my singles off of Oh My God, it only seemed natural to keep working and make a visual representation for the whole album. I thought it important to capture this time in my life and career. It being my 5th record, I wanted to let listeners in on some of the behind the scenes and inside my head a bit more. We set out to make something that was half documentary and half dreamscape of both my life at the time while living back in Kansas City and the subject matter of the album.

I tend to exaggerate stories a lot of the times when I tell them, but only to do justice to what the experience felt like at the time — and that’s what I believe Chris and I have done with this film. We exaggerate and bend reality, but only in attempt to get a certain mood or feeling across. More than anything, this film was a lot of fun to make and I believe it is a lot of fun to watch. Upon completing the film I want viewers to feel like they had just fallen asleep and had a psychedelic dream while my album played in the room they were sleeping in, gently weaving itself into their dream. We made it entirely in Kansas City with Kansas citizens. Please… sit back, relax and I do hope you enjoy.”

Watch the Oh My God short film above, and read our review of the album here.

Oh My God is out now via Dead Oceans. Get it here.