Liam Gallagher Trolls Long-Time Rival Damon Albarn By Weighing In On Taylor Swift

Fans of UK music know that Oasis and Blur had a major rivalry that began in the ’90s, a feud that has continued in recent years. (NME published an oral history about the rivalry in 2019 that offers more context about it.) Meanwhile, Oasis’ Liam Gallagher is active on Twitter, so naturally, he has caught wind of the current situation between Taylor Swift and Blur’s Damon Albarn, which started when Albarn insisted Swift doesn’t write her own songs. Now, Gallagher has weighed in.

Hours ago, Gallagher was asked by separate Twitter users about his thoughts on both Swift and Albarn, and he responded with the same answer for both artists, writing, “Great songwriter.” Somebody else commented, “isn’t it mad Taylor swift and damon are beefing on twitter wtf,” to which Gallagher responded, “Love it,” a reply that’s perhaps indicative of some schadenfreude from Gallagher given that Albarn isn’t exactly coming out of this situation smelling like roses.

Gallagher is far from the only person to share their thoughts on the situation. Swift herself offered a response, to which Albarn replied. Others who have chimed in include Jack Antonoff, Aaron Dessner, Chile’s president-elect, the biggest Minecraft streamer on Twitch, Eve 6, and others.