Believe It Or Not, Nick Cave Has Sold ‘Zero Rolls’ Of His Erotic Wallpaper

This summer, Nick Cave, a musician, decided to start selling erotic wallpaper. That product came with the launch of his Cave Things web store, and the “Hyatt Girls Wallpaper” was one of the most attention-grabbing items, as it features some Cave illustrations of nude women. He started selling the wallpaper back in August, and months later, he has offered an update on how sales are going.

Sales are slow. In fact, they’re non-existent.

In a new interview with The Financial Times, Cave declares that he hasn’t sold any of the wallpaper at all. Describing it as his favorite product in the collection, he said, “My favorite thing is the Hyatt Girls pornographic wallpaper, made from drawings of naked women I have doodled in hotels down the years. It’s a lovely thing — and so far has sold zero rolls. I am immensely proud of designing a product that literally nobody wants!”

It is perhaps unsurprising, or at least understandable, why the wallpaper has a limited customer base. Aside from its risque nature, it costs £200.00 (about $270) for a 50 centimeter by 10 meter roll.

The wallpaper is a low note on an otherwise good year for Cave, who just released a new live album.