Willow Admits Having Will Smith And Jada Pinkett Smith As Parents Has Caused Some Nepo Baby ‘Insecurity’

The “nepo baby” conversation (about celebrities with famous parents/relatives) was really raging back in 2022, but it still pops up every now and then. One of the names that comes up in discussions of this topic is Willow Smith, whose parents are of course Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. Willow admits the nepo baby thing has gotten to her previously and, in a way, fueled the career she has built for herself.

In a new interview with Allure, she explains:

“I truly believe that my spirit is a strong spirit and that, even if my parents weren’t who they were, I would still be a weirdo and a crazy thinker. I definitely think that a little bit of insecurity has driven me harder because people do think that the only reason I’m successful is because of my parents. That has driven me to work really hard to try to prove them wrong. But nowadays, I don’t need to prove sh*t to anybody.’”

Willow really has forged her own path. After childhood success with her 2010 single “Whip My Hair,” the singer went on to explore a variety of genres in subsequent works, from soul to psychedelia to pop-punk. Questlove is a big fan of her latest work.

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