Watching Action Bronson Get Stoned As He Preps ‘The Perfect Sandwich’ Is Absolutely Mezmerizing

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You want some joy? You want peace? You want stillness? Watch Action Bronson cook food. More specifically, watch him make a steak sandwich. Because it’s pretty much pure bliss. Is he stoned as all hell as he makes said sandwich? You’d better believe it.

Bronson’s weed ritual looks like a full-scale scientific production, but his chef game is pretty straightforward. The ingredients do the work (if there’s one rule about cooking, let it be that). He uses a steak, basil, award-winning olive oil, semolina bread (sesame seeds or nothing), pickled peppers, and, as the kicker, some dreck dredged from the bottom of a wine barrel. He treats this beloved wine-sludge like a reduction (which it essentially is) and spreads it right on the bread.

“That shit is savage right there,” Bronson says. “What am I doing fucking rapping and doing all this other bullshit? This is my calling. Just to make that one sandwich.”

Say what you will about Bam Bam’s flow, but his food game is tough to dispute. He takes joy in it, he speaks about it with passion, and he’s exploratory but never pretentious. That approach is a pretty solid road map for travel, food, and, when it comes down to it, life.