Watch What Happens When This Guy Cuts Added Sugar From His Diet For One Month


Sugar is bad. Alcohol is bad. Additives are bad. Fun is bad. Water is okay… in moderation.

We’ve all heard diet advice like this since we were kids, but for reasons of feigned ignorance, willful disobedience, or the irresistible deliciousness of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and chardonnay (author’s note: though not at the same time, sadly), we have still defiantly eaten and guzzled our way into becoming one of the most obese nations on Earth.

But maybe if we knew exactly how destructive added sugar and alcohol were for our bodies, we might finally change our eating habits. Luckily, this Dutch guy answered this question for us, by completely cutting added sugar and alcohol from his diet for an entire month:

This video was part of an experiment by LifeHunters, a Dutch digital production company, who took a break from pranking art experts with Ikea prints, pranking food experts with McDonald’s, and pranking tourists with prostitutes, to address the obesity problem in the Netherlands. Because, despite all anecdotal evidence to the contrary, more than half of all Dutch people were considered overweight or obese, according to studies reported on in this article from 2012. And though Dutch obesity numbers are improving, this experiment shows it’s still remarkably difficult to avoid added sugars in sodas, fast food, and even tomato soup in the Netherlands.

But despite some early struggles with hunger and quite a bit of grumpiness, Sacha from LifeHunters managed to complete the month-long experiment, and here are his incredible results:

If an average Dutch guy can improve his health this much in one month just by avoiding added sugar and alcohol, then there is definitely hope for the rest of us. Cheers, Sacha!