This Dog Always Checks To Make Sure His Owner Is Still Alive Whenever She Takes A Bath

Meet Loki, the most anxious German shepherd on the internet. Loki is 3 and he’s known for some pretty peculiar behavior. For example, when Loki’s mom takes a bath, the nervous pup checks in on her to make sure she hasn’t drowned. Maybe Loki is friends with Luna who was reunited with her owner five weeks after going overboard his boat. You can’t really blame Loki for being nervous after hearing Luna’s story. Water is scary. #teamdryland

Loki’s parents shared a photo of the dog checking on his bathing owner on Reddit, and it now has more than a million views. According to what owner electricsheepz told Mashable, Loki is just really, really high-strung. He is sometimes set off by people or dogs he doesn’t know and his anxiety results in whining, barking, and nervous faces like the ones he’s making in each of the photos his parents shared.

The nervousness is all worth it however. Loki’s parents say he has made them very happy. And even though it’s really REALLY sad to imagine what could possibly make a dog THIS nervous, it seems like Loki is making great progress. Shoutout to his patient parents!

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(Via Mashable)