The Best Bourbon Cocktails That Aren’t Mint Juleps For Your Weekend

04.27.18 10 months ago 3 Comments
best bourbon cocktails


When it comes to bourbon cocktails, it’s hard to beat the thoroughbred that is the Mint Julep. This combination of bourbon, ice, simple syrup, and mint is one of the most popular classic cocktails and the go-to drink for fans of the Kentucky Derby. It’s also a perfect cocktail to build an alcohol-fueled bridge between the cool, rainy spring days and the warm, sunny summer days ahead.

Since you’ll be partaking in many Juleps on May 5th (if you’re anything like us), why not try one of the other classic bourbon-based cocktails in the weeks leading up to the famed horse race? There’s a whole world of bourbon-based cocktails to fit every palate. Check out some of our favorites below.


This simple, yet nuanced cocktail is made with bourbon, vermouth, and Campari. The bourbon’s sweetness is tempered by the bitter Campari to make a very refreshing, well-rounded spring sipper.

It’s well-suited for an after dinner drink on a warm, spring night.

The Seelbach

This iconic bourbon-based drink gets its name from the famous Louisville hotel where it was invented (and is still served today). Made with bourbon, Cointreau, Angostura bitters, Peychaud’s bitters, and champagne, this cocktail is the perfect accompaniment to yard games and good times.

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