Hungry At The Happiest Place On Earth? Here’s The Best Food At Disneyland

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It’s safe to say that many of us at Uproxx/Life have a soft spot in our hearts for Disneyland. It’s become increasingly acceptable to admit a continuing love for Walt’s park, even as an adult. What still hasn’t hit mainstream-acceptance is a love for theme park food. There’s a reason. Largely, theme park food is remembered as being at least a step or two below terrible. Historically, it’s bland, riskless, and mass-produced. At its best, it’s inoffensive, and in its sheer mediocrity, it often fails even at that.

That said…visit Disneyland Park recently? You’ll notice that restaurants are theming to their respective lands, offering options beyond the standard pizza, popcorn, and corn dogs. Cocktails are playful, meals have a point of view, ingredients are fresher, and the guests are noticing, some even devoting entire sites to cataloging and critiquing menu items as they appear.

If you’ve been burned by park food before, and still have a little trepidation when it comes to parsing the park’s menus, allow us to share the best food at Disneyland. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert; nostalgic blasts from the past or seasonal surprises, we’ve got you set for your next trip to the house of the Mouse.

Seasonal Fritters

Royal Street Veranda

Mickey waffles have long cornered the market on a traditional Disneyland breakfast, but Royal Street Veranda gives you a reason to break with (an admittedly adorable) tradition. These piping hot fritters, rolled in a glittering cinnamon-sugar coating, are served at the quick-service window in New Orleans Square. The flavors and dipping sauces change up to suit the seasons: banana fritters with creme anglaise and raspberry coulis, pumpkin fritters with vanilla sauce, cinnamon-sugar coated apple fritters with a chunky apple dip; whether you’re a seasonal pass holder or an occasional visitor, you owe it to yourself to give these delectable little doughnuts a try. Enjoy them beneath the wrought-iron balcony on the patio with a coffee and a view of the Rivers of America. While you won’t have to wait long for your order, you may very well decide to take your time, people-watch, and luxuriate in Disney’s fantastical take on the Big Easy.

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