Watch This British Student Obliterate A 28 Oz ‘Jam Burger’ (And More) In Under 10 Minutes

When it comes to ridiculous competitive eating challenges, some meals are just suicide missions. If you’re just a regular schmoe, the offer to eat a steak the size of a dehumidifier would be the last thing your friends and family saw you attempt before dying of beef-related internal trauma. Some food just can’t be toppled by mere mortals, which is why the champs of gorging are the only ones wired for these sorts of gluttonous feats/feasts.

Twenty-one-year-old U.K. student Kate Ovens is someone who can handle mighty meals. She’s a competitive eater, and in her latest video she tackles a calorie-packed monstrosity known as the “Jam Burger.” This bellybusting Saw challenge of a meal provides 28 ounces of meat (three burgers, three portions of pulled pork), plus bacon. Luckily for Ovens’ line of work, she proves more than up to the task by crushing the entire assortment in under 10 minutes and doesn’t drench everyone in exploded stomach contents like Mr. Creosote in The Meaning of Life. It’s win-win!

The “Jam Burger,” eaten at the Jam Jar in Jesmond, Newcastle Upon Tyne, isn’t on the menu normally, but the clip’s friendly YouTube description says that’s a possibility if there’s enough demand. Do you think you could crush this skyscraper of a burger (plus fries and shake) in under 10 minutes? Boast about your gorging skills in the comments.

(Via Mashable)