What It’s Like To Spend Your 20s Sailing The High Seas In A Tall Ship

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Erin Greig

If you’re anything like our team here at Uproxx Life, your nostalgic travel fantasies likely include delusions of grandeur on the high seas. Would you be living the pirate life like Steve Bramucci? Defending indigenous populations from foreign invaders like Zach Johnston? Or perhaps you’d be a murder-for-hire bounty hunter like Allison Sanchez. My own daydreams usually involve blockade running on the swiftest ship in the fleet, and then navigating the supplies to far off lands in need of shipments. But alas, the sailing life was and always would be a pipedream, right? I mean, in the age of supertankers, mega yachts and cruise ships who lives on a tall ship anymore?

Well, turns out there are a handful of badasses actually pursuing this bold endeavor on the ocean tides. Meet Erin Greig, Chief Mate on the Picton Castle, a square rig tall ship that is currently on its seventh circumnavigation of the globe. Though it was recently docked in my hometown of New Orleans, I caught up with Erin between weeklong legs in the South Pacific to find out what life is like on board an old world-esque maritime vessel.

Erin Greig

Erin, can you start by telling us about who you are and where you’re from?

I am a navigational officer and Chief Mate of the traditional sailing ship Picton Castle. I was born and raised on the island of Bermuda and can be found circumnavigating the globe in tropical latitudes.

What are the main purposes of the Picton Castle?

Picton Castle is a sail training ship that sails around the world with a crew of twelve professional mariners and thirty-six trainees, of all ages, passing on the skills and traditions of the Age of Sail. We also, whenever possible, transport cargo to islands in the South Pacific, which may only receive supply shipments three or four times a year.

Erin Greig

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