This Couple Turned Their Wedding Video Into A Hilarious ‘Drunk History’

For once, a wedding video that doesn’t make you detest love.

Justin Willman and Jillian Sipkins were sick of telling their friends and families their “how we met” story (it probably didn’t involve blue horns), so they put together a boozy video for the reception. Think Comedy Central’s Drunk History, but without Winona Ryder as Peggy Shippen. It does however, feature friend-of-Uproxx James Kirkland playing the part of Willman.

The video covers the couple’s history from the first time they met, at a comedy event, to when they became all lovey dovey and their pals started hating them. Willman told BuzzFeed that “Drunk History is one of our favorite shows on TV” and that although they “polished off a bottle of Jameson together,” he “probably handled 70 percent of it.” The new husband better learn to share if he wants the relationship to last. (Via BuzzFeed)

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