This Man’s Extreme Daily Taco Bell Order Might Make You Rethink The Way You Eat

03.26.16 2 years ago 3 Comments

Taco Bell

It’s easy to pile up on the food when you head to a fast food restaurant. Sometimes your eyes can take on more than your stomach can handle, coupled with the cheap prices keeping your wallet or purse from going empty. Toss in a few drinks beforehand and who knows what might happen. It’s very easy to end up with a pile of food that an animal could have trouble eating.

Enter Chuck Carroll over at The Weight Loss Champion and his tale about his normal haul at Taco Bell. He’s obviously battled his eating habits over the years and lost a ton of weight — 265 pounds according to his column — but his old days used to feature a much different view. It was one visit in particular that forced Carroll to look at his diet and how it was affecting his life:

“You eat too much,” a garbled woman’s voice coming from the speaker said.

I could feel my heart both sink and leap into my throat at the same time.

Thinking that I may have misunderstood the often distorted audio from the speaker box I replied, “what?” My fingers were crossed as I hoped for a difference response.

“You eat too much,” she again said; this time more clearly.

I had been fat shamed by a Taco Bell employee.

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