Don’t Be Fooled By The Instagram Posts Asking You To Turn On Notifications

When word hit that Instagram was going to adopt a Facebook-like algorithm to mess around with your photo feed, some folks got a bit worried. How will you be able to snoop on your friends/creep on random people in beachwear when the powers behind Instagram start messing around with everything. It’s bedlam.

So, in response, you’ve likely seen a few of these wonderful posts floating around your feed. People are now urging you to turn on your notifications so you don’t lose their posts and fall into a pit of darkness away from their daily activities. Even Instagram can’t seem to calm the fears, sending out the following message on Twitter in hopes of making the pending transition a little easier:

What does this mean? Likely that the panic over notifications and the posts urging you to do so are nothing more than a nuisance. Instagram is truly already like Facebook, but closer in the way that your family and friends keep posting that Facebook is going to start charging to keep your profile private. It’s bull, according to Huffington Post, and you shouldn’t blindly listen to random posts on Instagram:

First of all, it’s ludicrous that people and brands are asking you to turn on notifications now, when the update won’t happen for a while. For all we know, Instagram will eliminate post notifications as part of the algorithm change.

Second, if you start turning on post notifications for all sorts of individual accounts, you’ll soon find yourself inundated by updates. Phone notifications are distracting and awful, so why would you want to turn on even more of them?

Are you already constantly checking your phone, to the point that you need an app to keep you from fooling around with it? Well, turning on those notifications will ruin any progress you’ve made at breaking that addiction to your phone.

So, when you see people asking you to turn on notifications, don’t worry. You’re not dealing with changes to Instagram just yet. Save that outrage for then.

(Via Huffington Post / Instagram)