It Turns Out Hidden Valley Ranch Is A Real Place Where Ranch Dressing Was Actually Popularized


That saying about something being “more American than apple pie” needs to be changed. Because if there’s anything that’s really and truly 100 percent American, it’s ranch dressing. According to Slate, it’s been America’s favorite dressing since it surpassed Italian in 1992.

But is anyone actually surprised by that? We Americans love our ranch. We slather it on our iceberg salads, we dip our baby carrots in it…heck, we’ll even eat it with pizza, if we’re given the opportunity. And everyone knows that the true, brand-name ranch dressing is Hidden Valley Ranch, but that’s just because of a bit of successful marketing, right?

Actually, no. Great Big Story sets the record straight in their latest video. Get ready for a mind-blowing revelation: Hidden Valley Ranch is the original ranch dressing. And it came from a ranch in California. Named Hidden Valley Ranch.

The video is a short history of the dressing, from its creation in Alaska (no, it wasn’t actually created on Hidden Valley Ranch) by plumbing contractor Steve Henson to its initial sale as a mail-order flavoring packet, to its acquisition by Clorox for $8 million.

It’s a fun bit of history, at least. Take a couple minutes to watch the video, and you’ll have something to wow your friends with at the next party you go to. And if you’re really curious to try it for yourself, Top Secret Recipes has a recipe that’s close to what Great Big Story says was in Steve Henson’s original recipe. Serve it with a veggie spread, and your guests won’t even be able to tell the difference.