In-N-Out Is Threatening To Sue Over This Sexy Video Of A Model Doing Unspeakable Things With A Milkshake

The above video featuring model Abigail Ratchford is currently the subject of ire for the Southern California burger chain In-N-Out. In the video, Ratchford wears the traditional In-N-Out paper hat while suggestively drinking a milkshake (getting more on herself than in herself, if you know what we mean) and tossing fries in the air — which are thankfully not “animal style” or else she’d be looking at a real mess.

While some fast food chains (*COUGH* CARL’S JR. *COUGH*) might trip over themselves at such free publicity, In-N-Out — known for printing bible verses on its packaging — is not laughing. Now the chain is threatening to sue Ratchford’s producer, Liverichmedia, claiming that they’ve been flooded with complains over the clip depicting “various sexually suggestive acts with In-N-Out Burger food.” (Keeping in mind that the clip still has less than a half million views, even after all of the controversy broke out.)

The only problem with the potential lawsuit is that the YouTube video is hosted by neither Ratchford nor her management, and that it was likely pulled from a now-deleted Instagram video from Ratchford’s account which she may or may not have taken down over the threat of the lawsuit. Either way, I’m no lawyer, but it doesn’t seem like In-N-Out has much recourse here short of getting YouTube to pull the clip.

Here are some non-fast food related photos from Ratchford’s Instagram account. It’s unclear whether or not watermelon, Popsicle, or the estates of Audrey Hepburn or Betsy Ross are taking any umbrage over these.

(Via Esquire, TMZ)