Primatologist Jane Goodall: Cecil The Lion’s Killer Must Have ‘A Very Small Penis’

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Dame Jane Goodall, one of the planet’s foremost authorities on animal behavior, appeared on Real Time With Bill Maher to talk about some pressing animal-related current events. One of the biggest stories this year was about Cecil the Lion, a treasured part of Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park who was hunted and killed by Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer. The killing caused an uproar of animal activism against killing for sport, and naturally Goodall had an opinion on the matter.

While Goodall says that the whole story makes her “sick,” she agreed with Maher that hunters such as Palmer probably have “a very small penis.” Man, if you’ve done something that gets a celebrated, soft-spoken Englishwoman trashing your penis, you’ve really done something terrible. And considering Goodall’s exposure to primates and their behavior, she probably knows a thing or too about male overcompensation.

But while the “penis” line was funny, Goodall pointed out that it’s not just one hunter and one lion that we should be mad about:

“[Walter Palmer is] one of many. And when he said I wouldn’t have taken him if I’d known he had a name. It didn’t make any difference to the lion if he had a name. And all the others are just as important, even though we haven’t given them a name.”

Goodall goes on to say that the “population control” defense of big game hunting is also a load of BS, saying that hunters go after the males with the most dominant and strongest qualities, denying the remaining population of species of its strongest animals and thus weakening the rest.

She also has a pretty good line about Donald Trump, so the whole clip is worth watching. But the discussion about Cecil starts around the 6:30 mark.

Source: The Wrap