Ask For Framed Photos Of Jeff Goldblum In Your Hotel Room And You Just Might Receive

We all have different definitions of what constitutes an idyllic hotel stay; some are satisfied with little things like a mint on the pillow or an adult coloring book to pass the time, while others enjoy the more visceral thrills of VR pornography or a constant stream of complimentary craft beers. But the latest ever-growing trend among frequent travelers with, let’s call it “specific tastes”, is that of framed celebrity headshots.

No doubt inspired by the Texas hotel guests who requested that their Hotel Indigo room be adorned with pictures of Nicolas Cage last year, Portland, Oregon resident Seth Freedland recently made a similarly bonkers request when checking into the Santa Monica Huntley over the weekend — that a few framed photos of Jeff Goldblum be placed around the room — and wouldn’t you know it, he was actually obliged.

How any person on this planet would actually be more comfortable when staring down an 8×12 of Jeff Goldblum on the toilet is beyond me, but you have to appreciate the staff of the Huntley for going above and beyond in regards to customer service here. It may very well be the best use of a random celebrity’s photos in a prank since that kid replaced all of his family photos with headshots Steve Buscemi photo prank back in July.

According to Freedland, the entire stunt was concocted as a way to “delight his girlfriend,” but I think we can all agree that both parties had something to gain here, and that thing was the photogenic presence of none other than Dr. Seth Brundle himself. Though if Seth had really wanted to get the magic flowing , he most definitely should have requested that *the* glamour shot of Goldblum from Jurassic Park be included on the nightstand. You all know the one I’m talking about…

Of course, the question now becomes: Which celebrity would be best suited for a similar prank next? My money’s on shots of Bette Midler — and more specifically, shots of Bette Midler from Hocus Pocus, not that you were asking.