Jenna Ortega And Danny Ramirez Star In A Superbowl Ad For New Doritos Dinamita Flavors

Every year it feels like the new Super Bowl ads drop earlier than the previous year, which is great news for the people who only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials. I’m one of those people, I like watching the game too but as a person living in the streaming age, the only time I even come across commercials is during the Super Bowl — so I revel in the madness that is these ads. Right now, my favorite Super Bowl LVIII commercial is undoubtedly the Doritos Dinamita ad.

There are three reasons for this: Jenna Ortega, Doritos, and Danny Ramirez, in that order. In my book, that’s an unbeatable combination.

The one-minute spot features Jenna Ortega shopping at the supermarket with her abuelas, appropriately named Dina & Mita. When Ortega steps away for a second, the two grandmas spot the last bag of Doritos Dinamitas (Doritos version of Takis) on the shelf and reach out to grab it before Danny Ramirez comes in, snags the last bag, shoots them a dirty look and walks off. If you’ve grown up in a Mexican family you’ll know that you don’t f*ck with anybody’s abuelita unless you want hell. This is exactly what happens — a high-speed chase ensues between Dina, Mita, and Ramirez that involves motorized carnage, a scooter, and rappeling grandmas.

I won’t ruin the ending for you and instead, we’ll just link the video below. Ad aside, we’re psyched for the new flavors which include Flamin’ Hot Queso, Hot Honey Mustard, Smokey Chile Queso, and Tangy Fiery Lime. Once we try them we’ll be sure to add them into our definitive Doritos ranking.