This Las Vegas Madam Reveals What It’s Like To Be The One Rich Guys Call For Sex

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Jami Rodman sucked at being a stripper. That’s why when the 38-year-old former madam (that’s the woman who connects the dudes with money to some of the most high-paid/exclusive escorts in the biz) went back into the sex business, she blew straight past the clubs and into escorting. Until she was outed, Rodman ran one of the most successful agencies in Las Vegas. Yes, prostitution is illegal in Vegas. But that hasn’t stopped anyone before. Not even an Olympian.

Rodman recently released a book about her experiences and while she doesn’t admit which celebrities she’s worked with, she does point out that the world of escorting has really changed in the last couple of years. Here’s Rodman’s remarks to Cosmo about what a madam does:

[Madams are different.] In Vegas, a lot of the women who madams work with are a lot more established in their personal lives. Maybe they have a career, a family, or they have children. A lot of them have been in magazines like Playboy or Maxim. They’re sort of established in their home life and the madam acts as a dating mechanism. [The escort] will look to the madam to do the screening, and to handle the marketing and promotion. A lot of them don’t want their face out there or they can’t risk the exposure of being an escort, so the madam will broker dates. A lot of the clients are long-term regulars, so the madam knows the client very well and she knows the escorts very well, and she tries to match up personalities and expectations.

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