This Week’s ‘Lost In The Wild’ Is Every World Traveler’s Nightmare Realized

Ah Lost in the Wild, the only show that finally answers the question, “What if Bear Grylls and Sherlock Holmes f*cked?” The new Travel Channel show is a recent obsession of ours, but tonight’s episode hits particularly close to home because it follows the type of person we would’ve loved to chat with about travel, adventure and, well, life!

Back in 2016, Justin Alexander, a 30-something world traveler who chronicled his journeys on the ‘gram, set out for India’s Parvatai Valley — also known as the Valley of Death — on a quest of spiritual enlightenment with a local holy man (a Baba) and no one has heard from him since. Tonight’s episode of Lost in the Wild follows Kinga Philipps and J.J. Kelley as they retrace Justin Alexander’s steps and venture deep into the Himalayas to find some answers as to why the young influencer and many like him have vanished in the area.

If all that intrigue isn’t enough to fire up your curiosity, I leave you with this absolute gem of a line: “What does it mean if a Baba would cut off his penis?”

Excuse me what? That’s a line that someone asks in tonight’s episode. How are you not already watching this show?

Lost in the Wild airs Sunday’s on the Travel Channel at 11 p.m. Watch it tonight, you’ll need something to get that Curb theme song out of your head!