Was This Teen Fat-Shamed By A McDonald’s Employee For Ordering Too Many Cheeseburgers?


A Sussex, United Kingdom mother is claiming that her teenage daughter was the victim of bullying by local McDonald’s employees. Over the Christmas holidays, Sabrina Hopkinson let her four children order from the fast food restaurant as a special holiday treat, and had sent her 16-year-old daughter Corrina to go get the food. However, when Corrina came back, she told her mother that she had quickly became the subject of ridicule.

According to the teenager, when she asked for the meals a girl shouted to the kitchen: ‘Six cheeseburgers. I’m not joking this time. This fat woman wants six burgers’.

Corrina, who is overweight, said she was left in tears by the insult and tried to defend herself, saying ‘They’re not just for me. They’re for my brother and sisters’.

Hopkinson says that she marched back to the McDonald’s where she had it out with the manager, but ultimately the restaurant assumed no responsibility for the what happened. A McDonald’s spokesperson later followed up having reviewed the CCTV footage and states that the incident was entirely and unequivocally fabricated, stating: “This allegation is entirely false. We took this claim very seriously and our investigation shows that this did not take place.”

So, what really happened here? Did a teen wanting attention take things too far, or is McDonald’s trying to cover their tracks? This may be the greatest mystery in the history of McDonald’s since the ingredients of secret sauce.

(Via Metro)