The Olive Garden Is Finally Letting You Eat Pasta Until You Die

Olive Garden/Uproxx

Once a year for the past five years, Olive Garden has blessed us all with the chance to engorge ourselves on bowl after bowl of their pasta thanks to their Never Ending Pasta Pass. But despite its name, the pasta does in fact end — which we aren’t too thrilled about. I personally make it a habit of going to my nearest Olive Garden and demanding MORE NEVER ENDING PASTA, despite never having a pass and not being allowed into my nearest Olive Garden for doing just that.

Despite the ban, they’ve obviously heard my pleas, because for the first time ever Olive Garden will be offering a Lifetime Pasta Pass along with their Never Ending Pasta Pass. Yes, if you’re lucky, you could eat bowl after bowl of pasta for a one-time price until the day you freaking die.

Too dark? Maybe, but death by pasta is one hell of a way to go. This Thursday, 24,000 Never Ending Pasta Passes will go on sale promptly at 2 p.m. ET. The first 50 guests who snag a Never Ending pass will have the chance to opt-in for the LifeTime Pasta Pass which will include a lifetime of unlimited servings of your favorite pasta, sauces and toppings, and unlimited soup salad and breadsticks. Which means anytime you’re hungry and broke, or just crave pasta, you can stroll into an Olive Garden and actually be treated like family, just like the commercial promises!

The Never Ending Pasta Pass will get you all the same benefits but only lasts from September 23rd through November 24th, which admittedly loses a bit of its luster in comparison to the Lifetime pass. However, The Never Ending Pasta Pass will cost you just $100 plus tax, with the Lifetime Pasta Pass costing a pricier $500. Sure, that feels like a lot now, but when you’re 64 eating your 18,000th bowl of free pasta you’ll have life made in the shade.

If you have your sights set on a Pasta Pass we strongly suggest visiting the website early to join the online waiting room — you’re definitely not the only one who wants to win the chance to enjoy never-ending pasta. If you opt for the Lifetime pass, you’ll be notified that you’re one of the lucky 50 on Friday, August 16th when Olive Garden will give you the chance to upgrade.

Good luck to all the true pasta-heads out there!