Floating In A Pitch Black Tank, In Hopes Of Finding Answers

Water has always played a massive role in the way I live. I grew up on the Jersey Shore, a stone’s throw from the ocean. Not the Jersey shore that Snooki and the rest of those fist-pumping clowns tarnished, but the Jersey shore where we surfed and played games like “swim ’til you can’t see land,” the rules of which were pretty self explanatory and often got us free rides back home from the Coast Guard.

As I grew older, the ocean was where I went to wash my stresses and sins away — whether it was the teenage angst of high school, or the brutal hangovers of my early twenties. A quick hop in the Atlantic fixed everything. Which explains why the idea of a sensory deprivation tank always seemed so appealing to me. Sitting in a tub of warm, super-salty water? That was already basically my summer-month relaxation technique, except the spray tanned meatheads would be replaced with…silence.

Pair that with the rumored psychedelic potential of the whole thing and I became all the more eager to sign up. Before long, the salty, skin-temperature, silent, coffin-shaped pool went from “Oh, cool,” to “It probably isn’t life changing, but I’m very intrigued.” So I got in touch with Tao Spa in Asbury Park, New Jersey.