TV Doctors From Turk To McDreamy Come Together For A New Commercial

Everyone loves a good doctors visit… so long as said visit includes a couch, a big ol’ bowl of popcorn-covered butter, and an episode of Grey’s Anatomy or Scrubs on TV. Unfortunately for those of you who consider this to be an actual doctors visit (i.e. probably all of you), it doesn’t count. And with Obamacare’s ongoing struggles (despite the number of uninsured Americans falling to record lows), there’s a fair chance most of you haven’t scheduled or attended an annual health checkup with your primary-care physician. If you even have a primary care physician.

Enter Cigna, a major medical insurer that remains attached to the Affordable Healthcare Act despite recent premium increases. To encourage its customers and others to at least visit the doctor once a year, they’ve teamed up with a bunch a fake TV doctors for a series of new commercials. Fine, genial folks like Alan Alda (M*A*S*H), Lisa Edelstein (House), Donald Faison (Scrubs), Noah Wyle (ER) and Patrick Dempsey (Grey’s Anatomy). Great people with no medical training whatsoever who played people with lots of medical training on hugely successful medical dramas and comedies.

Aside from the longer 48-second spot above, which premiered during CBS and NBC’s morning show programs on Sept. 8, Cigna created 30 and 15-second versions for use elsewhere.

They’re okay, but at least we got this great Turk reaction GIF out of it:

(Via Ad Age)