The ‘Museum Of Ice Cream’ Offers Lots Of Sugar, Topped With Nostalgia

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Ice cream is the perfect treat. It doesn’t matter if you prefer the stuff that requires the strength of Thor to scoop out, the half-melted creaminess of soft-serve, or an overloaded milkshake, nothing tops ice cream (except, y’know, cherries… and chocolate…and…).

Which helps explain why I didn’t dare miss my chance to visit the Museum of Ice Cream in New York City. After all, I love ice cream so much that I once tried to make my own batch of the stuff using a recipe I picked up from watching Zoom. It sucked and my dreams of having an unlimited supply of homemade ice cream were dashed.

The brainchild of 24-year-old Maryellis Bunn, the “lick-able” temporary museum recently opened in the Meatpacking District to much fanfare. That’s to be expected of a museum devoted to something President George Washington spent $200 — $5,000 today! — on in one summer. Meanwhile, I’m having the “but do you really need this” talk with myself every time I’m at the checkout with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s priced at $6.39.

I didn’t know about George Washington’s love for frozen desserts before I visited the museum, but little factoids like that are all over the place. Some are painted on walls, others come to guests via the museum’s tour guides. You can’t wander long before it becomes clear that the “Ice Cream” in the museum’s name doesn’t mean it isn’t a legit hall of learning.

Did you know the earliest form of ice cream dates back to the Tang Dynasty (618 – 907 AD)? I sure as hell didn’t. I also didn’t know the ice cream scooper was invented in 1897 by black businessman Alfred L. Cralle. Or that I’d be annoying my friends and loved ones with these gems for weeks to come.

As I said, Legit Hall of Learning

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