Our ‘Impossible Burger’ Taste Test Will Leave You Hungry For Fake Meat

07.18.17 2 years ago 10 Comments
The Impossible Burger in the “flesh”.

It’s burger week here at Uproxx Life, and while we definitely plan on diving into all the glory and flavor beef has to offer, we also want to explore more sustainable burger options. The first name in the environmentally friendly game is the Impossible Burger — the virally famous “burger that bleeds.” When Mark Shrayber first tried the Impossible Burger about a year ago, there were only a few places in the country you could snag the vegetarian patty. Now, for the first time, Impossible Foods has teamed up with a chain, Umami Burger, to bring their burger to the masses.

With all the hype over this development, we got curious. Is this burger as good as everyone says? Mark claimed in his review that the burger was so delicious that it would win over meat eaters. We believe him that it’s delicious, but as far as winning over meat eaters… can we really trust a vegetarian to speculate on beef?

Still skeptical, we sent our Facebook Live dynamic duo, Frankie Greek and Steve Bramucci, to an Umami location in Costa Mesa to see exactly what the fuss is about and to tell us whether or not The Impossible Burger is really the Holy Grail of meat substitutes.

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