These Geniuses Rescuing Pigs By Curling Them Across A Frozen Lake Is Your Daily Reminder To Think Outside The Box

There’s no way that PETA will approve what you’re about to see. It’s a group of Swedish ice skaters helping a few wild boar across an icy lake they were too clumsy to traverse on their own. But because you can’t just pick up a wild boar and carry it across an ice patch to its home (no matter what Lion King on Ice will have you believe), these skaters had to get innovative. Using materials they had, the skaters turned Operation: Boar Rescue into an Olympic round of (very gentle) ice curling, as they moved pig after pig to safety.

It doesn’t look like any of the animals were harmed in any way (and because they were reportedly exhausted, the ride probably did them good), but their pissed-off expressions are pretty entertaining.

How soon before this becomes a legitimate form of rescuing animals? Or better yet, a much-needed update to the Olympic sport of curling?