This Travel Company Might Give You A Free Vacation If You Vote


The 2018 U.S. midterm elections are less than two weeks away. Getting people — especially millennials and Gen Z — out to vote has been a huge issue for voting organizations, celebrities, and even this website. The risk of a muted youth voice is real as NBC News reported that only “31 percent” of young people are even planning on voting.

That’s a pretty low turnout by any standard. Travel company Contiki caters their tours to that exact demographic and they’ve decided to incentivize millennials and Gen Z into the voting booth on November 6th.

Contiki just launched the #VoteWithNoRegrets campaign to give one young voter a free trip. If you vote and receive and “I Voted” sticker on November 6th, all you have to do is post it up on Instagram with that hashtag. On November 7th, Contiki will announce a winner who’ll receive a free trip through Contiki anywhere in the world. That also includes a $1,000 airline credit to get you there and back.

The travel service caters trips to 18-35 year olds with transportation, accommodations, excursions, and several meals included. It’s the perfect way to see a new corner of the world with little-to-no worries and like-minded, similar aged wanderlusters. Head over to Contiki to see the long list of destinations through South America, the Pacific, Australia, Asia, Europe, Africa, and even our own backyards in North America. All that you have to do is follow Contiki on Instagram, vote on November 6th, and post it up with #VoteWithNoRegrets and one of those killer trips could be all yours.