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Where do music festivals stand in 2023? Inarguably, they are in a much different space then they were five years ago, and even last year. After spending the first part of the decade figuring out how to exist in a world with economic and health woes, there’s the sense now that festivals need to reclaim their identity. And if the lineups and announcements we already have for 2023 are any indication, it’s a challenge that they are accepting.

Coachella is leaning even further into their international appeal with three headliners from three different countries. Rolling Loud and Lollapalooza are digging their feet in further into their own global expansion with a range of events around the world. Others are turning hyper-local, with events like Dreamville and Something In The Water further establishing themselves as the premier events in their region that highlight both their homegrown talent and world-class imports. This spring will see artists from Frank Ocean to Drake making big fest appearances, and the anticipation is already palpable.

With one of the main 2023 music narratives surrounding the difficulty (and expenses) involved in getting concert tickets, festivals might stand to benefit. Suddenly, the opportunity to see a dozen of your favorite artists for a single price of admission becomes a major selling point (though Beyoncé and Taylor Swift don’t have much in terms of festival offerings, at least yet). So UPROXX has curated this handy hub to highlight some of the most exciting festival offerings coming to a town near you, or a country far away. Regardless of what is happening in the outside world, the sense of joy and discovery that occurs once your feet are on the festival grounds is as crucial as ever. It’s magic that has not lost its power.