Never Forget That A Heavyweight Fight Opened With A Flying Jump Kick At UFC 203

Fabricio Werdum is a treasure. Yes, he’s the most decorated Brazilian jiu jitsu practitioner in heavyweight MMA, or even MMA history. Yes, he’s a former heavyweight champion, and yes, we know he’s got heavy hands. But no one gives him the proper respect when it comes to his shocking athleticism. The guy is a heavyweight, and he can still throw flying knees and keep up the pace after 15 hard minutes in the Octagon. But never, never ever, would any fight fan expect this:

A flying side kick, straight out of an ’80s action movie opened this heavyweight fight. Normally, when we see (someone much lighter) pull off a crazy move to make the crowd ooh and ahh, it misses. But this, this landed and landed well. That’s because no one could possibly ever see it coming.

Perhaps this lack of respect, for lack of putting it any other way, led to Browne’s corner freaking out and losing his voice, then antagonizing Werdum into throwing a kick at him.

Edmond Tarverdyan is Ronda Rousey’s longtime coach, and now Browne’s coach. They’re family, it seems, but Browne is also 2-4 under his tutelage.