Fabricio Werdum Inexplicably Kicked Travis Browne’s Coach After Their UFC 203 Fight

Fabricio Werdum beat Travis Browne in an anti-climatic fight in their rematch at UFC 203 on Saturday night. Browne hurt his finger early in round one and the two fighters barely engaged for the remainder of the fight, despite the bout starting with a ridiculous flying kick by Werdum.

As miraculous as that was, it’ll probably be the front kick to the body he landed on Browne’s coach Edmond Tarverdyan that will be talked about most after the lackluster fight.

Werdum was celebrating his unanimous victory, and toying with the crowd as they showered him with boos. Tarverdyan could be heard off camera telling him “Shut the f**k up” when Werdum turned his attention to the controversial trainer. After a few more words Fabricio reared back and delivered a half-hearted kick to Tarverdyan’s midsection, which set everybody in the Octagon on alert.

It was a rough night for Browne and his trainer, as Tarverdyan lost his voice, leading to hilarious results between rounds. He struggled to deliver his trademark, profanity-laced support in Browne’s corner due to his ravaged vocal chords.

After the fracas, Browne, Tarverdyan and the entire team leave the Octagon without a post-fight interview, and Werdum barely acknowledged the situation in his own interview.