Daniel Cormier Went For The Jugular In An Instagram Battle With Jon Jones

Contributing Writer

Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier do not like each other. Leading up to their first fight back in January of 2015, the two ended up brawling during a promotional appearance in the lobby of the MGM Grand. An interview soon after on SportsCenter involved a penitent sounding Jon Jones switch gears once off air, asking Cormier, “Are you still there, pussy?”

That exchange ended up leaking, further solidifying Jones’ reputation as a villain pretending to be a good guy. But now it may be Daniel Cormier who is coming off heavy-handed in the feud between the two. Jones has been relatively quiet leading up to this event, while Cormier has been questioning Jones’ sobriety and accusing him of infidelity.

“If you’re a man with a fiancé, you’re not supposed to run around on her,” he said on the Bruce Buffer podcast back in January.

And now he’s pulling no punches after Jon Jones posted this photo on Instagram:

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