Jon Jones And Daniel Cormier Got Into A Huge Brawl For UFC 178’s Media Day

Current UFC light heavyweight champion Jon “Bones” Jones is set to face Daniel “DC” Cormier at UFC 178 on September 27th in Las Vegas. Yesterday, during TYPICAL, RUN OF THE MILL press obligations at Media Day, there was what should have been a TYPICAL, RUN OF THE MILL face off and stare down between champion and challenger.

Unfortunately, things were far from TYPICAL, RUN OF THE MILL. Jones and Cormier got close, which happens some times, and Jones pressed his forehead into Cormier’s (Hard for Cormier to do the same to Jones due to the disparity in height), which happens. Then Jon nudged forward, again, which sometimes happens, and Daniel responded by shoving Jon away. Again, this does sometimes happen during face offs, though that’s usually the end of things.

Jon then responded by tossing UFC PR director Dave Sholler out of the way and throwing a punch at Cormier, who was being pulled back by several security types. That, uh, that usually doesn’t ever happen. In fact, the only other time in MMA I can recall a MMA stare down coming to blows was during the Ricardo Mayorga versus Din Thomas press conference.

Following the ruckus, Jones and Cormier were on SportsCenter to discuss the issue. Or, rather, Jones tried to give his side of the story while Cormier called him fake and made funny faces.

Oh, in case anyone is wondering (Nobody is wondering), Dave Sholler seems to be doing ok. However, since it seems to be The Thing To Do, here’s Jim Ross calling Dave Sholler getting put through the banner.

I’m not sure if either fighter will be facing anything harsher than an insignificant fine since that fracas probably pushed PPV buys north of 1 million. Because remember this, Dana White will strive to make the UFC perceived as a legitimate sport, unless he can make a lot more money doing the exact opposite.