The UFC Has Decided Who Will Face Ronda Rousey After UFC 196 Shake Up

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03.06.16 6 Comments

UFC 196 was a tumultuous night that shook up several weight classes and left many large fights in a state of limbo. You’ve got the Nate Diaz win over Conor McGregor sending reverberations through the featherweight, lightweight, and welterweight divisions. And then Miesha Tate’s shocking submission win over champion Holly Holm blew the women’s bantamweight division wide open.

Holm was originally slated to fight Ronda Rousey until Rousey took a step back from fighting to concentrate on her Hollywood career. A fight with Tate was set up instead, and now the belt Holly took off Ronda is in Miesha’s hands. What does that mean for Ronda’s return?

Dana White didn’t beat around the bush or delay his response. In an interview on ESPN immediately after the event, he confirmed that Ronda was next for Miesha Tate.

“I think that Ronda now will face Miesha Tate for the title,” he said. “That’s what’s going to happen. That’s what I said before this fight even happened: whoever wins tonight will fight Ronda for the title.”

“Ronda wasn’t watching the fight,” White continued. As we reported, she was at an indy pro wrestling event instead. “I text Ronda and she said ‘What happened?’ and I said ‘Miesha just choked her unconscious.’ And she said ‘Well, it looks like I gotta get back to work.’ I don’t know what that means … if that means acting or fighting!”

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