Barack And Michelle Obama Had A ‘Star Wars’ Dance Party To Celebrate May The Fourth

Nerds everywhere ought to be a bit sad that the Obama presidency is about to come to an end. Regardless of your political leanings, it’s clear the most powerful man in the world is one of us. He drops Batman references into his speeches, busts out the Vulcan Salute at every opportunity, and celebrated his final May the Fourth in office by having a full-on Star Wars dance party.

Of course, politics and building bridges is never far from the president’s mind. R2-D2 just so happens to be hanging out at the White House with Barack and Michelle on Star Wars Day (Because where else would he be?) and, naturally, “Uptown Funk” starts playing, leading to an outbreak of galactic boogie fever. So far, so expected, but then Obama turns and invites a group of stormtroopers to join the party, and just like that, animosity is cast aside and walls are broken down. Surely the Rebel-Empire peace summit/disco party will go down as one of Barack Obama’s greatest achievements.

Enjoy this kind of stuff while it lasts, because the president of the United States raising the roof with droids may be become a rare sight soon. I suppose we might see the occasional Darth Vader fist bump if Trump wins, but otherwise, the White House may never be this nerdy again.

(Via The White House on Facebook)