This ‘Deadpool’ Reel Shows Off Just How Slick Its Effects Were

Time was, everything you saw in a movie had to be a carefully staged, real-life illusion. Fortunately, computers have taken the dirty and dangerous part out of the equation, so now we can have quasi-superheroes wedgie a dude right off his motorcycle and have none of it actually happen. If you don’t believe us, check out Atomic Fiction‘s demo reel from Deadpool up above.

It’s genuinely surprising just how much of Deadpool‘s opening freeway chase and gun battle didn’t have any actors or stuntmen involved, or for that matter, even freeways or buildings. If you pay attention, you’ll notice they swap out skylines and add buildings even to background footage they shot. True, the test footage it was based on was entirely CGI, and director Tim Miller is best known in Hollywood for his effects work. But it appears that even its supposedly meager budget let Tim Miller really amp up the effects and design. No wonder they don’t feel like they need a $150 million budget for the sequel.

That said, the sequel does have a visual effects challenge in the form of Cable, who isn’t exactly a character you slap some makeup on Keira Knightley and call it a day. But as this reel shows, clearly the effects team is up to the job.

(Via io9)