‘Doctor Strange’ Unveils Its First Mysterious Poster

Doctor Strange marks an unusual step for Marvel, as it delves for the first time into the realms of fantasy and magic. There’s a lot of mystery around the movie, like who the heck Mads Mikkelsen is even playing, or what Strange has been up to that he’d made HYDRA’s “must-kill” list, and the poster really only adds to that. Here’s the full look:

People on posters really like staring at giant background objects, huh? For those unfamiliar with the Sorcerer Supreme, that’s the window in his Greenwich Village townhouse, the Sanctum Sanctorum. Yes, of all the things this movie will expect us to believe, the toughest will be that Stephen Strange has an affordable mortgage on a three-floor townhouse in New York, instead of living over a Pinkberry like he would in reality. The window also happens to be the Seal of the Vishanti, which protects Strange’s real estate investment from mystical invaders. The poster is comic-book perfect, right down to the marks on the floor and the shadows the seal casts, something comic artists have loved playing with over the years.

There’s not much else to glean from this poster, but we won’t have to wait for more from the good Doctor. His teaser trailer arrives tonight courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel, so keep an eye out for mystical goings-on.

(Via Twitter)