Elizabeth Chambers Reportedly Leaked The Stories About Armie Hammer’s Alleged Crimes Herself

The Armie Hammer situation just took a twist. According to a new report, his estranged wife Elizabeth Chambers allegedly leaked damaging stories about him to the press months before their divorce. Hammer, whose alleged crimes have been the subject of a new documentary, has reportedly been selling time shares in the Cayman Islands after his career imploded following multiple allegations of abuse. According to screenshots obtained by Page Six, Chambers allegedly played a hand in exposing his infidelities.

In a new report, Chambers is accused of using a friends email address to send tips to the Daily Mail. One of those tips involved an alleged affair with Lily James, which Chambers shared with the tabloid along with a quote from a “source.”

Via Page Six:

In the original Daily Mail story, a source described Chambers as “devastated” and “heartbroken” by the alleged messages, adding, “She is an amazing woman. She doesn’t deserve this. You couldn’t ask for a more stunning devoted wife and she’s a great mom to their two little ones.”

Chambers also reportedly had contact with one of Hammer’s most damaging accusers, House of Effie. Although, Chambers wasn’t entirely sympathetic towards her ex-husbands alleged victims in the screencaps.

“Yes, she’s just dramatic,” Chambers allegedly responded to a question about how House of Effie was doing after the scandal broke. “And they’re all crazy.”

As Page Six reports, Chambers worked closely with House of Effie to help secure custody of her children after filing for divorce from Hammer. The two reportedly coordinated on exposing Hammer’s alleged crimes in the press.

(Via Page Six)