Enjoy This Fantastic Medley Showing The Evolution Of ‘Batman’ Theme Songs Over 75 Years

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09.28.14 6 Comments

With Batman’s 75th anniversary still in full swing, it is fitting that people would find any way to pay to tribute to one of the most iconic characters of all-time. The Piano Guys took the time to look back at a 50 year chunk of Batman’s existence and perform a medley of each of the memorable themes from the Caped Crusader’s tv and movie appearances.

Sure, you could argue that there’s one or two missing and that the “Batdance” is the superior choice among all Batman music. That doesn’t mean this medley is a bit of fun. It might come off a little bit “Hawaiian shirts in high school jazz band” from time to time, but I think seeing each of the batmobile’s softens my view a bit.

You have to wonder where the new Batman will go in regards to a theme song. The trend seems to be less is more and heroic horns thrown in here and there. I came around on The Dark Knight theme after a while, but I don’t know how any other music would distance itself from being generic. Prove me wrong, I guess.

(Via The Piano Guys)

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